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IGR Sports is the National Leader in Scholarship Conversion.

We are here to assist Student Athletes in bridging the "Gaps" within the communication and relationship building process, allowing us to truely identify out of every college those that are a fit both academically and athletically while also meeting the needs of both the college programs and our Student Athletes. We are nationally recognized as providing the most infulential and professional recruiting film for our student athletes. By breaking down our Student Athletes with a hands on approach we are able to identify the recruiting needs and develop a specific timeline of strategy to guide every Student Athlete throughout their individual recruiting process. 

It is our belief and our goal that every Student Athlete should have the chance to say, "I Got Recruited!".

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Our Mission

To allow every Student Athlete their best opportunities academically and athletically to have their chance to say "I Got Recruited!". With honesty and integrity being the basis of our core values we constantly strive for greatness in providing the highest levels of exposure, education & guidance.


Every Student Athlete that we consider brings nothing less than their upmost best when it comes to the classroom. Expectations not only from our staff and the parents of all our athletes is that no matter which direction a student athlete makes his or her decision for school, their number one priority is to graduate with their college degree, while first maintaining and than exceeding the NCAA Academic qualifications. We expect the highest level of accomplishment in the classroom.


The Recruiting Process is very basic in terms of an athletes overall recruitment. Relationship building and communication are the two greatest factors next to ability. An athletes need to directly communicate with a coach and college in order to receive realistic opportunity and achieve success is crucial. Using our proven and only Direct Connect Communication Tools available to the nation, we have been able to connect and communicate faster and easier with college staffs providing a more consistent outcome for our athletes.


The number one recruiting tool is your video. It will be the difference between a coach showing interest or walking away. If the recruiting video is not built to the needs and satisfaction of the coaches, providing the wow factor they are looking for, you will lose recruiting opportunity. We have shown through our films that we meet and exceed all expectations of college staffs by taking into accountability the performance factors of the athlete and the needs of the college programs. We are directly and specifically showcasing our athletes in the terms of what coaches need to properly evaluate and take notice our athletes. 

NCAA Compliant

Being NCAA Compliant is what allows us here at IGR Sports to have the colleges subscribe to our services in order to obtain the most accurate and upto date information on our athletes. NCAA Compliantcy has allowed our athletes to facilitate faster direct communication and to provide earlier answers and decisions from coaches and staffs. In addition, we make our Scouts go through the same testing required of the college coaches to become IGR Sports Certified Scouts. This provides a consistent knowledge base across all of our Scouts when it comes to evaluating talent and educating families through the recruiting timelines and structures. 


High School Sports Recruiting Packages
Tailored to fit every Student Athlete

Video Package

  • - Up to 4 films per year
    - Recruiting Tools

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Exposure Package

  • - Introduction marketing campaign
    - Bi-Monthly follow up campaigns
    - Up to 4 films per year
    - Recruiting Tools

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Elite Scout Package
  • - IGR Sports Certified Scout Guidance
    - Introduction marketing campaign
    - Monthly follow up campaigns
    - Up to 5 films per year
    - Recruiting Tools

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Without the help of IGR Sports my son would not have received the opportunity to play at a Division 1 level program. We are very thankful and highly recommend their services to any family looking for the best opportunities for their children's futures.

Patrick Massett

After working with other recruiting companies and finding no success or being told my son was not good enough to play at a Division 1 level. IGR Sports was able to quickly identify my sons talents and after starting with their service we received numerous top division 1 offers. My son and I are extremely grateful on his commitment to the University of Indiana.

Jeff Westbrook

When we started with IGR Sports we were not sure of what to expect. They quickly identified my son was out of position and that we needed to adjust our recruiting needs. After following their leadership and guidance we received my sons top school of choice as an offer and committed. I am still amazed at what they accomplished and my son still has not played a down at his high school in the position he was recruited as. Absolutely amazing work.

David Bachman